Overcoming sexual addiction is a challenging and deeply personal journey. In this episode of “Spirits and Stories,” host Donald Dunn introduces us to Logan Hufford’s Journey of Recovery, a man who has walked the treacherous path of sexual addiction and emerged with a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Logan’s story is not just about battling addiction but also about finding salvation through faith, the importance of accountability, and the power of a supportive community.


Welcome everybody to “Spirits and Stories.” This is Donald Dunn, and I’m glad to see y’all back. It’s been a minute since I’ve been in the old booth, but life is great, and I am looking forward to this episode. Today, we have Logan Hufford with us. Logan is from Alaska and has an inspiring story to share about overcoming sexual addiction. Being able to say those words is the second biggest blessing in his life after salvation through Jesus Christ. Let’s bring on Logan Hufford. How’s it going, man?

Logan Hufford’s Background

Logan Hufford, at 33 years old, has a remarkable story of recovery and transformation. Married for 13 years and a father of four boys, Logan’s life was once overshadowed by his addiction. He candidly shares how he put himself and his family through a living hell, acknowledging his responsibility for the choices he made. However, 2016 marked a turning point when he found hope and began his journey towards healing.

Understanding Sexual Addiction

For those unfamiliar, sexual addiction is often misunderstood. As Logan and Donald discuss, it’s not merely an addiction to sex but a deeper issue involving dopamine addiction and the constant chase for a bigger rush. Logan explains how his addiction started with pornography, progressed to seeking attention from women, and eventually led to more destructive behaviors, including hiring prostitutes. He emphasizes that while his story may seem extreme, the underlying issues are common among those struggling with similar addictions.

The Role of Dopamine in Sexual Addiction

The conversation delves into the role of dopamine in addiction. Logan explains how the brain becomes wired to seek the high that comes from sexual encounters, much like how addicts chase the high from drugs. This chase for dopamine leads to increasingly risky behaviors, as the initial sources of pleasure no longer provide the same thrill. Donald and Logan draw parallels between sexual addiction and other forms of addiction, highlighting the similarities in the brain’s response.

The Stigma and Misunderstanding Surrounding Sexual Addiction

One significant barrier to recovery is the stigma surrounding sexual addiction. Logan shares his experiences of feeling isolated and misunderstood, even by those close to him. He discusses the importance of finding a mentor or support group that truly understands the struggles of addiction. For Logan, meeting his mentor Rick, who had a different but equally impactful story of addiction, was crucial in his recovery journey. Rick’s understanding and guidance helped Logan navigate his path to healing.

The Impact of Pornography on Youth

Logan and Donald discuss the damaging effects of pornography, especially on younger individuals. Pornography creates unrealistic expectations of sex, leading to disappointment and further addiction when real-life experiences don’t measure up. Logan highlights how pornography addiction can start at a young age, wiring the brain in harmful ways that are difficult to overcome. This part of the conversation underscores the need for awareness and prevention, particularly for younger generations.

Logan’s Path to Recovery

Logan’s path to recovery was not straightforward. He shares the challenges he faced, including multiple relapses and the difficulty of finding true accountability. However, his turning point came when he joined a structured recovery program in 2016. This program provided the support and accountability he needed to make lasting changes. Logan’s story emphasizes the importance of a structured approach to recovery and the need for ongoing support.

The Role of Faith in Recovery

Faith played a pivotal role in Logan’s recovery. He speaks openly about how his relationship with Jesus Christ provided him with the strength and hope to overcome his addiction. For Logan, salvation and faith were integral to his journey, offering a foundation of support that secular approaches alone could not provide. This aspect of his story highlights the potential for faith-based recovery programs to offer profound healing.

The Power of Community and Accountability

Community and accountability are crucial elements of successful recovery. Logan shares how being part of a recovery group and having mentors who understood his struggles made a significant difference. He emphasizes the importance of honesty and vulnerability within these groups, as well as the need for accountability partners who can provide tough love and guidance.

Addressing the Challenges of Recovery

Logan acknowledges the ongoing challenges of recovery, including dealing with triggers and avoiding relapse. He shares practical strategies that have helped him, such as setting boundaries, seeking support, and staying committed to his recovery goals. Logan’s transparency about his struggles and the tools he uses to stay on track provides valuable insights for others on a similar journey.

Helping Others: Resources and Support

For those seeking help, Logan provides several resources, including the Prodigals of Alaska website and the Conquer Series by Ted Roberts. These resources offer educational materials, support groups, and practical tools for overcoming sexual addiction. Logan’s willingness to offer his email for direct support underscores his commitment to helping others find the same hope and healing he has experienced.


Overcoming sexual addiction is a challenging journey, but Logan Hufford’s story demonstrates that it is possible with the right support, accountability, and faith. His transparency and willingness to share his experiences offer hope to others struggling with similar issues. By addressing the stigma, understanding the role of dopamine, and providing practical resources, Logan’s story serves as a beacon of hope and a guide for those seeking recovery.


What is sexual addiction?
Sexual addiction involves compulsive participation in sexual activities despite negative consequences. It is often driven by the brain’s pursuit of dopamine hits, leading to increasingly risky behaviors.

How does pornography contribute to sexual addiction?
Pornography can create unrealistic expectations and desires, leading to a cycle of addiction as individuals seek to recreate the dopamine highs they experience from viewing porn.

Can faith-based programs help in recovery from sexual addiction?
Yes, faith-based programs can provide a strong foundation for recovery, offering spiritual support and a community of individuals with similar values and experiences.

What role does accountability play in recovery?
Accountability is crucial in recovery, providing individuals with support, guidance, and tough love. Accountability partners can help keep individuals on track and prevent relapse.

Are there specific resources for women struggling with sexual addiction?
While resources for women may be less common, there are support groups and programs available. The Prodigals of Alaska website and similar resources can provide information and support for women.

How can I support a loved one struggling with sexual addiction?
Supporting a loved one involves understanding their struggles, encouraging them to seek professional help, and being there for them without judgment. Educating yourself about addiction and recovery can also be beneficial.

Logan Hufford’s story is a powerful reminder that recovery from sexual addiction is possible. With the right support, faith, and accountability, individuals can overcome their struggles and lead fulfilling, healthy lives. If you or someone you know is struggling, reach out and take the first step towards healing today.

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