In today’s digital age, podcasting has emerged as a powerful medium for storytelling, learning, and connecting with a global audience. One remarkable figure in this domain is Alicia Galati, CEO of Galati Media. With a profound passion for the medium, Alicia has helped numerous thought leaders and coaches launch and manage successful podcasts. In this blog post, we delve into an insightful conversation with Alicia, exploring her journey in the podcasting world and the invaluable lessons she’s learned along the way.

Early Influences and The Genesis of a Podcasting Career

Alicia’s podcasting journey began out of a simple desire for something more stimulating than the repetitive tracks on the radio during her commutes. Her discovery of podcasts in 2015 opened a new world of learning and eventually led to her guest appearance on a podcast about parenthood and postpartum depression in 2016. This experience sparked her love for the medium, culminating in the launch of her own podcast, “Two Sisters and a Cult.”

Galati Media: Empowering Voices

Founded after a layoff in 2020, Galati Media was Alicia’s leap into turning her side hustle into a full-time pursuit. Her company not only launches but also manages podcasts, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Alicia’s approach is personalized; she ensures that each podcast reflects the creator’s voice and message, setting her services apart from generic production houses.

The Therapeutic Nature of Podcasting

Alicia and the show host, Donald, discuss the therapeutic aspects of podcasting. Both have found solace and a means of processing personal experiences through their podcasts. For Alicia, discussing cults and her upbringing within one provided a form of therapy and a way to reclaim her voice.

Challenges and Triumphs in Podcasting

Running a podcast isn’t without its challenges. Alicia admits to the difficulties of content creation and maintaining listener engagement. However, she emphasizes the effectiveness of her systematic approach to podcast production, which has significantly eased these challenges for her clients.

The Role of Systematic Approaches and Signature Systems

Alicia highlights the importance of having systems in place to prevent stress and oversight. Her signature systems for launching and managing podcasts allow content creators to focus more on their content and less on the operational aspects.

The Impact of Podcasting

Reflecting on her impact, Alicia notes the profound connections podcasts create between speakers and listeners. She points out that even small audiences are significant when they are engaged and interested in the content being presented.


Alicia Galati’s journey through the world of podcasting illustrates the power of passion and persistence. Her work not only supports the technical aspects of podcasting but also empowers podcasters to produce meaningful, impactful content. For anyone looking to dive into or optimize their podcasting experience, Alicia’s insights and services at Galati Media offer valuable resources and guidance.

Connect with Alicia Galati

To learn more about Alicia Galati and her services, or to start your podcasting journey, visit Galati Media’s official website or connect with Alicia through her social media platforms.

This exploration into Alicia Galati’s podcasting journey reveals the unique impact of this digital medium. Podcasting is not just about broadcasting one’s voice but about creating a resonant space that offers value, therapy, and connection, echoing the nuanced layers of human experience. Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or a novice, Alicia’s story is a testament to the transformative power of finding one’s voice and the courage to let it be heard.

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